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Do you have an online presence?

Have you taken your business online yet?  And we arent just talking website…

With social networking platforms like Facebook, MySpace, Twitter, and many, many more… you could be missing out on business opportunities if you arent connecting with people through these valuable tools.

Millions of people use social networking sites to communicate with old friends and family, but business owners have discovered the value in using these sites to boost business.  It is a brilliant prospecting tool.

Cobb Consulting can show you how to set up an account and leverage it for business growth.  We can also manage it for you since we know you’re busy!

Don’t miss out!  Let us help you today!

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Sales Pipeline or Prospect Fountain?

We have talked about the ‘sales pipeline’ for many years now.  Time goes on, the ‘pipe’ fills up, and then suddenly everything falls into place.  People in sales often go through a slow one or two weeks, then all of a sudden the sales start dropping… then back and forth, and back and forth.  Its time to move away from the sales pipeline and onto the prospecting fountain.  Wouldn’t it be great if those slow weeks didn’t happen?

It is enough to drive you nuts!  And not just because it impacts our wallets, but it takes a toll on our mentality.  It is a huge contributor to failure.  The good news though is that it can be easily avoided.  Its all about balance, and how we approach every conversation we have.

The balancing act starts with time management.  Whether we are phone solicitors, door-to-door solicitors, or our business comes mostly from referrals, we absolutely must schedule a few hours a week to find new leads.  When actively prospecting, we encourage our clients to send all calls to voice mail and turn off email.  This is your time to feed your business.  If you budget your time appropriately than you will get back to those missed calls within a few hours.  Sales is about being prompt, but lets not forget that the world as a whole is lazy.  Your prospect will be okay if you aren’t returning the call immediately.  In fact, it may actually lend to your effectiveness in closing the sale because it makes you seem much less eager.  Also, it naturally helps you stay busy because you always have a call to return!

Once you master the act of managing your time than it is time to assess the things we say when talking with prospects.  Whether you are closing a deal or just talking with a new lead for the first time, it is imperative that you speak with confidence about your product and yourself.  Build some rapport and ask a TON of questions.  Take notes and understand what that prospects needs really are.  Pre-qualifying your prospect saves you both valuable time.  Too many sales people spend unbelievable amounts of time chasing prospects that just arent a good fit; meanwhile the good opportunities are passing right by.  ASK QUESTIONS.  Use your tone to set the stage for a successful business conversation.

With just a little tweaking, you can turn your pipeline into a fountain where it just flows….

We will talk more in the coming weeks about successful prospecting and get into some good information on gaining referrals and getting your phone to ring.

Stay tuned and good luck out there!

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