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The best part of my days are my client meetings. I got into this business to touch people’s lives. Seeing the look on my client’s face after we complete a successful project is priceless. This is really my motivation.

The most interesting part of my job is getting to the bottom of what is truly important to my clients. Why did they get into the business that they are in? How does their mind work? Undoubtedly, the answer always starts with money… but I always find the real answer. We get into business to help others. That to me, is very motivating.

I’m excited about what the current state of the economy is doing for us small business owners. I firmly believe that cards are falling in our direction. Sure, we live in scary economic times but I see it as an opportunity for small business owners to get a stronger foothold in the American economy. As big entities like AIG and Circuit City fall, it just means that the small business owner is getting put into the position to be on a level playing field with these large corporations.

Our customers are our life-blood and we KNOW the importance of real customer satisfaction and real relationships. A company like Best Buy does not.

There is a movement happening as I type. Get motivated.

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Document & Contact Management

How efficiently are you maintaining your business documents?

One more step to small business success is properly maintaining all of the paperwork required by your business. Most business owners have a system set up to track their invoices, contracts, receipts, etc. but how efficient is the system you are using?

Despite all the technological advancements we are fortunate to have, the SBA says that small business owners are spending 15% more time on paperwork and administrative duties. How much time are you spending on it? Now may be a good time to look at your entire business plan… if you aren’t maximizing your time, you aren’t maximizing you’re not making the most of your opportunities!

There is a local business here in Marietta call Papercache Systems that I highly recommend. If you’re business is in need of a more streamlined document management system, visit these guys online at

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